top 5 best lightweight gaming mouse in 2022
top 5 best lightweight gaming mouse in 2022

The best light gaming mouse will mean immediate dangling around, whereas normal gaming mice will down you. It immediately reacts to your input movements which can mean faster reactions in fast-paced games. Light gaming mice are a good bet when accuracy and speed are the top priority.

A lightweight mouse is the best option for competitive gaming. The lighter weight makes it easier to stop and permits faster flings and swipes across your mouse pad, which is ideal for first-person shooters. Some players like to pick up the mouse as they play, and a lighter mouse is easier for those kinds of actions.

An ultra-lightweight gaming mouse can bring next-generation sensors and smoother switches that have never been seen before. Hyper-accurate sensors, higher refresh rates, and resolutions are all usual. Hypothetically a lighter mouse should mean reduced fatigue, the risk of medical injuries and syndromes like RSI or carpal tunnel, and otherwise increase the power at which you can make headshots in a shooter or highlight powerful units in hectic RTS battles. Here we are sharing the best of the gaming mouse list. Let’s check-

1. SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless

The steel series is hit a sweet spot with the Aerox 3 wireless. The honeycomb tears spread more and give a bit of breeze on the top of your finger, and offer an extra grip. A narrow thumb rest detains the side buttons, and a nice RGB trim discloses visible circuitry, which depends on taste. It can lower the overall appearance. Large-handed palm grip gamers’ strength tends to slow their digits or risk unplanned clicks. Even when choosing for that a little leaner profile, the Aerox 3 Wireless succeeded in providing Bluetooth connectivity on top of its lightning-fast 2.4GHz mode. 

Balancing with a physical DPI button just above the mouse wheel, RGB lighting, a huge 200+ battery life, and a comprised receiver hub and cable, there’s a degree of elasticity here that other wireless options in its grade can’t match—and its only 3 grams weightier than the other wireless mouse as per bucket list.

In contradiction, relatively like the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which is regularly used for the better part of a year, both are lightweight gaming mice that need no cord, but the Aerox is a little lighter, 66g to 80g. Recently, its design may be a little old-fashioned, and the materials feel a slight inexpensive, but all the detail you could need is front and center, and there’s more of it to squeeze to your liking.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Specifications

Polling Rate1,000Hz
InterfaceWireless, USB, Bluetooth 5.0

Reasons to Buy

  • Great battery life
  • Breathable casing
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz

Reasons not to Buy

  • Slightly cheap looks
  • Narrow thumb rest
  • One for smaller hands

2.  Razer Viper 8KHz

This year, Razer slides into the emerging light gaming mouse market with the wired Razer Viper 8KHZ. Your hardware is not working properly is not an excuse when your finance is at stake. So, increasing the opinion rate of your mouse seems like the latest logical step. A mouse that indicates its position to your computer a whopping 8,000 times per second is silly. The frighteningly fast Focus+ 20K optical sensor is housed in a solid plastic frame segmented in a cyborg-esque fashion. It looks easier than it, in reality, is. Put your palm over the usual body, and you will have a little textured grasp and bent mouse buttons to keep you in place.

With five DPI outlines and an 8K survey out of the box, the only real reason to need Razer’s software blockage up your machine is to set a reachable DPI closure, as it’s badly placed below.

There is no situation to pinch if you don’t want to either, it’s simply a case of plugging it in, and you are good to go. You can install the Chroma software if you care what color the tangled Razer logo that’s usually not revealed and under your palm luminosity, but it is not required to use the mouse. 

While the only ambidextrous mouse on our list, rubber grips under the two buttons on either side will assist thumb grip, the finest touch does open up the question of long-term stability. 

The weightlessness of the Viper 8K Hz and the material used made it the lowest cost possible compared to other devices. The mouse wheel has a strong click, and the buttons have a positive click to them. Its extraordinary design makes it most favorable.

Razer Viper 8KHz Specifications

Polling Rate8,000Hz

Reasons to Buy

  • Ambidextrous
  • Unique cyborg design
  • Groundbreaking sensor

Reasons not to Buy

  • Razer’s software is a little needy
  • Questions over durability

3. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Logitech has its history and space in the world of technology. So it would not be shocking if it enters the light gaming mouse world. The best part of it is the wireless operating device. So cords barely add a gram to the equation, the pull and catch potential is there.

Beyond theory, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is about as shiny as stylish as gaming mice come. It looks near-identical to the G Pro Wireless with the same trademarks of the well-liked and basic gaming mouse.

The outer shell is quite distinct near the palm, which includes a little extra support compared to sleeker mouse models, and there’s the smallest amount of touch of contouring on the primary mouse buttons and under where your thumb and pinky sit. You can say it’s a fairly reserved device as per modern mouse standards.

Devoid RGB; it would not seem inappropriate in the office meeting room. Its egg-like structure is perhaps too silky to the touch with less of an exact grip to speak of. Still, at a mere 63g, it weighs less than Razer’s best lightweight attempt even while packing a 70+ hour battery—10 hours more than the G Pro Wireless even with RGB immobilized, so battery life has improved between the two units.

Furthermore, between mouse tests, you can choose to back to the near-identical G Pro Wireless, and you can prove its comfort and durability for over a year now. Apart from the general wear and tear, you can observe real signs of crumbling on the plastic, which can confuse you to consider a matte black finish. 

The side buttons are too small and soft at some point, so the power of griping decreases. It is lacking CPI switch button on the mouse. It has to be replaced in the software or set to one of the two thumb buttons, which must be the first time you can observe one of the losses for a gaming mouse in three years.

Still, it had not been for the Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless, and it would be the wireless light gaming mouse option to hit. Its a dishonor Bluetooth support may have become a sufferer of the war on heaviness, which foliage its connectivity options lacks compared to its wireless competitor.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight Specifications

Polling Rate1,000Hz
InterfaceWireless, USB

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Stellar sensor
  • Unique charging method

Reasons not to Buy

  • Lacks grip
  • Small side buttons
  • No Bluetooth

4. Mountain Makalu 67

It is a style piece of kit. It’s also the strongest option on this list, making it a great choice for the frequent player looking for a great light gaming mouse. Its large figure and heavily curved body should suit palm grips the best, but hook hold players shouldn’t notice any major weaknesses. But remember one thing it slopes violently on the right side.

We found it had an exclusive satisfying click from the two well-pronounced thumb buttons on the left in our tries. They sit fairly high up the body, offer your thumb a lot of space to work with, and molded points add extra comfort. The cable is slack and light enough to whip around with no problem, but the long rubber stem pinning it to the frame might be a problem on a mouse pad with any raised edge, like a USB hub.

It will be best to see the breathable tear extend to the thumb and finger region, but in general, this Mountain Makalu 67 is the best choice and far lighter than it looks. It even features a handy groove to make replacing the mouse feet a breeze whenever the time comes.

We noted a super low click latency and low lift-off distance. It comes with a CPI that’s variable by increments of 50, so you can get it just right for your gaming style.

Mountain Makalu 67 Specifications

Polling Rate1,000Hz

Reasons to Buy

  • Large but lightweight
  • Gorgeous RGB around the wheel
  • Plenty of grips

Reasons not to Buy

  • The protruding stem on the USB cable

5. Cooler Master MM720

Cooler Master MM720 is a travel-friendly ultra-lightweight option. It is the smallest gaming mouse on my bucket list of a gaming mouse. It is also the lightest, only 49 grams. It contains a honeycomb structure but swaps a long body for a short design. If you don’t keep it in your traveling, you will find it at a high price in the airport tech shop.

The design is not for everyone, but its reasonably tiny footprint is not just a byproduct of Cooler Master aiming for that ultra-lightweight buzzword. It’s a small form factor in that it’s mainly planned for a tearing grip. There’s no reason a palm or hybrid grip will not work but prepare for your digits to bend over the clickers if this is the situation.

Moreover, the unusual but appreciable is that it provides finger rest on the right-hand side that helps you keep things easy. There are six buttons, the left, and right buttons, a scroll wheel, two side buttons, and the DPI button. The latter is on the bottom, equally to the Roccat Kone Pro, which is not practical if you need to change on the fly. However, you can remap the DPI switch to another button if that is the main concern.

Its flat, plastic finish is not the most quality around, but even with the scrapes, there’s no way a stressed grip will squeeze it like a can. Even in the face of the damage, it’s IP58 water-resistant, so reducing a gamer’s drink over this thing will not doom it to the trash heap.

Cooler Master MM720 Specifications

Weight49 g
Polling Rate1,000Hz

Reasons to Buy

  • Tiny footprint
  • Appreciable lighting
  • Very light
  • Comfortable finger rest

Reasons not to Buy

  • Might be uncomfortable for larger hands

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