top 5 best gaming pc in 2022
top 5 best gaming pc in 2022

Are you a video game lover? Do you want to upgrade your computer to a higher efficiency? Or Are you looking forward to buying a gaming PC? But, you are confused about which one is better or want to know the latest gaming PCs. So, here we will share a list of gaming PCs you can consider.

What are Gaming PCs?

A gaming PC is a specialized personal computer or can say it is a customized PC designed to play video games at very high standards. It differs from mainstream personal computers; it uses highly effective graphic cards and high core-count central processing units.

The best gaming PC is that you can create on your own, but now it is impossible. Getting chief components is difficult now. A highly performing Windows PC is most suitable for the game. Moreover, ready gaming PCs are generally customized by the expert. They have 32GB of RAM and the fastest CPU and GPU chips utilized in gaming PCs.

We tested a system that offers the best frame rate per dollar value at 1080p, 1440pand 4K. So, something for everyone who wants, from budget to high-end, is on the list.

1. Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition

The Aurora Ryzen version achieved a prominent place among the Intel builds. The AMD Ryzen processor of the new generation is excellent in respect of both performance and price. It contains the latent fro 16-core, the 32-thread chip inside your Alienware gaming PC, and an Nvidia RTX 3090. Are you looking for something extraordinary?

But the lower end has something to offer too. The diverse configurations on offer mean that for $1249, you can get a 6-core device with a GTX 1650 Super inside it that will manage 1080p gaming in that sleek Alienware chassis.

Doesn’t matter whatever component you choose; there is an Alienware premium attached. However, higher cost gives you reliable build quality, inclusive customer service, and solid warranties. The many pre-fab options given by Alienware also help to remove a lot of the guesswork connected with modifying your system. Few of the alternatives offer the best significance for the use of part, but the hurdle-free PC gaming is only an imagination; it is the box thing. It is not easy to win over the easiness that Alienware provides.

The exceptional case design benefits every inch of its limited space, but I feel a bit embarrassed to play it in the starting. However, the skills to access nearly every part of the PC exclusive of tools is a distinct plus and speeds up improvement and maintenance. There’s a clear right of way here to offer a suitable, premium product with some latent improvement, and the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition carries out that goal.

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition Specifications
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 5600–5950X
GPUNvidia GTX 1650 Super–RTX 3090
RAM8GB–64GB DDR4 3200MHz
Storage1TB HDD–2TB HDD + 2TB SSD
Warranty1 year (onsite)
Reasons to Buy
  • AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU combo
  • Quality Alienware/Dell design
  • After-sales care
Reasons not to Buy
  • Sounds like it’ll take off
  • Divisive case design

2. Corsair One

With an updated design, a top-rated gaming PC is back now in Corsair One i164. It is the same small kind of PC, but it has re-entered the market with slight changes in internal layout and within a few other conversions. In addition, the case look is different.

The CPU and GPU both use automated liquid cooling solutions, and all the hot air is pumped out by a single 140mm maglev fan. The PSU is now assembled below the motherboard, and some of the USB ports have been changed the place on the front of the case, but that’s the degree of the non-component changes. 

Like a number of the prebuilt systems on this list, the Corsair One i164 isn’t the only configuration the One comes in. With an Intel Core i9 9900K and an RTX 2080 Ti, the i164 is the mid-range model. Yes, you are reading the right thing; that is about the mid-range model. The lower model comes with a Core i7 9700K and an RTX 2080, while the Corsair One Pro workstation model comes with a Core i9 9920X and an RTX 2080 Ti. 

There is no word to say anything on Nvidia RTX 30-series cards yet, even though we would look ahead to that to be accurate before long. Expected, Corsair will also have to invest in more PSU capability for the change.

The cost differs depending on the specs, of course, so if £3,600 for the i164 is a little too rich for your blood, the i145 is £1,200 less at £2,400, which is £100 less than the a100 with a 3900X CPU. If you are in the market for a compact workstation, the i200 will zap £4,700 from your bank account. All models come with 32GB of RAM, so you don’t need to modify or update it for more than one year.

Apart from the configuration, the Corsair One is a smooth, powerful little device intended for anyone wrestling with space concerns or those who want a powerful PC but don’t want to listen to it complain every time it’s hassled with a graphically rigorous game.

Corsair One Specifications
CPUUp to AMD Ryzen 9 5950X | Intel Core i9 11900K
GPUNvidia GeForce RTX 3080
RAM32GB DDR4-3200
StorageUp to 2TB NVMe SSD
Warranty2 year
Reasons to Buy
  • Slim, minimalist footprint
  • Incredible looks
  • Outstanding performance
Reasons not to Buy
  • Hard to access the interior

3. MSI Aegis RS

The MSI Aegis RS succeeds us over with its value and quality. Unfortunately, this PC isn’t even superior up on the list because of MSI’s short warranty.MSI paved the Aegis RS jointly from its parts, and so could you if you could get them as cheaply. It’s based around the MPG Gungnir 110R case and Z590 Pro WiFi motherboard. The case has a marked gamer visual and a unique triangular front. All four case fans have RGB lighting, as does the small CoreLiquid 120mm AIO cooling the 11700K.

The Gungnir is a large medium tower case, and many rooms are available for improvement. You want to start with the RAM as 16GB may become inadequate in the forthcoming year. You should also ultimately address the storage as you only get a single PCIe 4.0 SSD with a 1TB capacity. Luckily, the case has several 3.5″ and 2.5″ drive bays for a graceful extension.

The Aegis RS comes up with an MSI keyboard and mouse combo. They are better than your typical prebuilt fare. We love the mouse; it is lightweight and a convenient DPI selector. The keyboard uses rubber domes instead of automatic control. As a result, the keyboard is more comfortable for typing and contains great-looking RGB.

All the essential ports for the case and motherboard are given. The prominent features added here are WiFi 6 and 2.5Gbps Ethernet and an inclusive audio pile. The RTX 3070 gives all the compulsory video out ports. There’s a strong collection of USB plugs on the back I/O and the case itself. You can access USB-C from the front; that is a plus point.

The RS core makes it an exceptional choice for running present and future piles in 1440. It wasn’t a development in gaming over its forerunner, but the 11700K is a better option if your PC use also comprises a lot of firmness, video editing, or depiction. Combined with the fast PCIe 4.0 SSD, this puts the RS up as a capable, versatile device you will depend on for toil and leisure alike.

MSI Aegis RS Specifications
CPUIntel Core i7-11700K
GPUNvidia GeForce RTX 3080
RAM16GB DDR4, 3000MHz
Storage1TB SSD
PSU650W, 80+ Gold
Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent value for the money
  •  Built with quality MSI components
  • Comes with decent peripherals
Reasons not to Buy
  • Short warranty

4. Alienware Aurora R13

If you look at Alienware Aurora with a side window, see what a world is. The new Aurora R13 uses the liberation of Intel’s Alder Lake processors to bring a minor redesign of its extraterrestrial chassis. It offers a host of configurations, from the Core i5 12400F, thru the i5 12600KF and i7 12700KF, all the way up to the Core i9 12900KF.

They’re paired with Nvidia GPUs from the GTX 1650 Super to the impossibly costly RTX 3090 or AMD Radeon cards from the RX 6600 XT up to the RX 6900 XT. That provides you a range of Alienware gaming devices from practically inexpensive 1080p gaming right up to blistering 4K workload-smashing performance. In addition, the Alienware AIO cooling system will help keep the comfy interior of the case at a basic temperature.

It can be spoken up that Alienware is a bit sparing with its DDR5 memory here. Only the Core i7 or i9 versions of the Aurora R13 are proficient to be configured with dual-channel memory out of the box or have more than 8GB of DDR5. It’s also not the fastest either, with only DDR5-4400 available. 

We will give a break here while DDR5 is expensive and hard to find, but it still tingles and is not impressive. The exceptional design of the case utilizes every inch of its limited space but, at first, suffers a bit embarrassed to tinker with. However, access to nearly every PC part without tools is a specific plus and speeds up improvements and handling. There’s a noticeable main concern about offering a suitable, finest product with some latent improvements, and the Aurora design completes that objective.

The problem all gaming PCs face is the availability of its part. And that’s presently striking Alienware as hard as the rest. To select a new Aurora R13 rig today means you’re not going to take delivery of it for a month at least.

Alienware Aurora R13 Specifications
CPUUp to Core i9 12900K
GPUNvidia GTX 1650 Super–RTX 3090
RAM8GB DDR5-4400 – 64GB DDR5
StorageUp to 2TB M.2 PCIe SSD + 2TB SATA HDD
PSU1 Year (onsite)
Reasons to Buy
  • New chassis with window
  • Toolless access
  • Upgradeable
  • Solid after-sale support
Reasons not to Buy
  • Pricey higher-end configs

5. Cyber PowerPC Infinity X109 Gaming PC

When you think of buying a new PC, you go through the highly capable system and prefer to buy from any authentic company that can value your money. Even you want extraordinary designs also. Quiet successively wouldn’t hurt. Throw in a graphics card that you can’t buy for love or money, and you have the Cyberpower Infinity X109 Gaming PC.

A device with more lights than your average Christmas tree, more fans than the field at the end of the Crystal Maze, sets the latest hardware yet is extremely quiet in use. All for a systematically good quantity of cash. Consider us impressed.

For just over two grand, you get a powerful 10-core, 20-thread Intel Core i9 10850K, which, thanks to the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240 cooler, happily sits at 4.9GHz most of the time. You also get a GeForce RTX 3070, a solid mid-to-high-end card. It will manage 1080p and 1440p gaming brilliantly—we saw 128fps in Division 2, 139fps in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and 110fps at 1080p. So 4K can be a bit of widening, but not outside the spheres of opportunity.

The remaining spec is appealing, much what you’d hope for at this value point, even though the SSD is small for my tastes. 500GB is fine, but I’d recommend it improve up to a 1TB model at order time for a bit extra to offer you more space for your most played games. Of course, you will get a 2TB hard drive as standard too, so it’s not like you will run out of space any time quickly.

All of this is covered up in the Corsair 4000D mid-tower case, which deals with providing exceptional airflow while can see radiant at the same time. The dust filters are easy to clean, and if you don’t mind a bit of RGB lighting, you will be pleased. It is an excellent structure that will grip 1440p gaming for years to come. You can pull appealing a lot in every aspect of the system to your taste before you click on the purchase button. 

CyberPowerPC Infinity X109 Gaming PC Specifications
CPUIntel Core i9 10850K
GPUMSI GeForce RTX 3070 8GB
RAM16GB DDR4 3200MHz
Storage500GB WD SN550 + 2TB Seagate HDD
PSU3 year
Reasons to Buy
  • Powerful and quiet running
  • Standout lighting and looks
  • Excellent for 1440p gaming
Reasons not to Buy
  • Can get a little noisy

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