warzone 2 season 2 map changes with an underground cave and much more
warzone 2 season 2 map changes with an underground cave and much more

Al Mazrah will experience significant POI changes in Season 2 from Activision, such as the addition of a passenger train and a new network of underground caves.

Participants in battle royals frequently criticize the middle of a match. When you land, begin to loot, and start a gun battle, there is initially a rush of thrills. But afterward, the action typically doesn’t pick until you reach the final two circles or if you occur to come across additional foes.

The underground high-speed transportation system and Compact Redeploy Ballons, which make it easier for players to relocate and pursue kills, were introduced in Warzone 1 to address this pacing issue. A train that circles Al Mazrah is present in Warzone 2, but Redeploy Balloons and a fast-travel system have been taken out.

In addition to two other significant map changes that will spruce up some previously bare locations on Al Mazrah, Activision also revealed a new train to aid in accelerating travel in the battle royale sequel.

All Warzone 2 Season 2 POI changes confirmed

warzone 2 season 2 few key changes to al mazrah.
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Activision provided additional information on the forthcoming Al Mazrah map changes for Season 2 on February 9.

The classic Modern Warfare 2 map Afghan served as inspiration for the new-fallen plane POI at Sattiq Cave, according to the Warzone 2 developers.

For the fans of the series, this is a big declaration because, compared to other beloved CoD maps, the iconic surroundings have never undergone a rerelease.

Teams find it difficult to cross open spaces in Al Mazrah’s desert environment without even being attacked by opponents waiting on the opposite side. In order to address this issue, the developers revealed a new network of subterranean caves connecting Taraq Village and Rohan Oil.

There are five entrances to the cave, and it is stuffed with supplies and ground loot. Last but not least, a brand-new passenger train will be traveling on Al Mazrah.

The new transportation mode is distinct from the original freight train in that players can easily move between cars thanks to doors and entry points on the roof.

On the new train, squads can discover iconic supply boxes and other priceless items.

On February 15, Warzone Season 2 will premiere, and as soon as we have more information, we’ll post another update.

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