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Subsequent developer harassment, toxic subreddit might go on lockdown of Battlefield 2042's

A tweet that has been made famous dispatched by a Battlefield 2042 representative has to lead to a social media dogpile that could finally shut down the game’s official subreddit. In reply to fans disparaging DICE for a lack of communication and areas throughout the end of December, EA global comms manager Andy McNamara told admirers in now-deleted tweets that the Battlefield team is just now making it back to work after a break.

“Guys, public gotta rest. We have effects in waves but we have to digit out what is possible,” McNamara said. “Let us go back from this breakdown and become back to work. Love you guys but these hopes are brutal. The things you want take while to scope, design, and accomplish.”

Some replies expressed kind, but the thread was flooded with angry comebacks mocking McNamara or affirming that DICE free a broken game battlefield 2042 is buggy, but it’s efficient and some of us find it pretty fun). The dogpile augmented after the tweets were hand-picked up by the BF2042 subreddit with a post titled “EA/DICE finally responds to the Backlash” with completed 10,000 upvotes and 2,000 notes. McNamara later detached his post and has changed them with an act of contrition for not being more clear in his message, which fans have also engaged issue with.

Since its introduction last November, this game Battlefield 2042 has had a predominantly prickly relationship with the greatest vocal corner of the battlefield game, the community. The game immediately hurled to tens of thousands of negative analyses on Steam, numerous of them quoting presentation bugs and dissatisfaction with 2042’s main changes for the series, such as classes being exchanged by specialists or the lack of an old-style display.

In the weeks next, DICE published several blog posts outlining premeditated changes, some of which will comprise the reappearance of “legacy features” that admirers have stood asking for, and deployed three big covers that fixed a lot of early corresponding alarms (RIP overpowered hovercrafts). In the patch notes for Update 3.1, DICE said that it would be the last update of 2021, remarking that the team would “take a break near the end of [December] and coming back in the new year with fresh judgments ready to go on the street to Season One.”

The backlash to McNamara’s tweets originates from a community that feels in some ways betrayed by Battlefield 2042 and was aware to take his comments as a defense of the game as a full. They were another objection to add to an ever-growing slant that covers a mix of reasonable gripes, dubious accusations, and extremely specific nitpicks with no swelling increase of dramatic harmony at the end of a match,” deliver one early steam reviewthis statement has been given by one of the major fans of the battlefield.

It’s an irony when we say that this subreddit has grown incredibly toxic,” the post reads. “It’s nearly unbearable to have a humble discussion without abuses being flung around at each other—and it’s starting to harm the entire battlefield steam offer civic, and a piece of us that is part of it.” 

The proclamation goes on to list a few possible contracts for the subreddit. If toxicity stays as is, then the mods will jump locking remark threads immediately. If deadliness upsurges, the mods will recourse to an entire lockdown of the forum.

“Yes, the last two selections seem nuclear, and we don’t want to use them, but we said we will do whatsoever it takes to drive the current toxicity down,” the post reads. This isn’t the first time gaming subreddit mods have considered the atomic option. Last month, Halo’s subreddit was temporarily shut down by mods succeeding an avalanche of grievances and targeted developer pestering over Halo Infinite’s crappy monetizationHowever, people are still enjoying this game during the lockdown phase and trying to witness the reviews from all available sources.

In the meantime, people are still playing Battlefield 2042 steam. I’m one of the persons still enjoying a great time with it, especially in small spurts. I’m also eager for more experts and maps. DICE put out a puzzler this week for what could be a novel map approaching in Season One.


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