amd radeon rx 6500xt gpu
amd radeon rx 6500xt gpu

MD is set to disclose two separate entry-level graphics cards, the Radeon RX 6500 XT & the RX 6400, this week, both utilizing the 6nm RDNA 2 architecture and contributing up to 2815 MHz boost clock which is customary to a game clock level of 2610 MHz. In presentation terms, these newfangled GPUs will consume close to a 10% boost clock development from the earlier Navi 23 architecture. Read this article about the AMD GPU with Navi 24 graphics.

AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT With new 6nm RDNA 2 GPUs with up to 2815 MHz Boost Clocks

The two newest GPUs from AMD are mass-produced with TSMC’s N6 technology process. This TSMC’s N6 will be the first GPU to use the newest process node and the latter is speculated to be the final Navi series GPU. AMD is predictable to switch from applying Navi 2X technology to TSMC’s 6nm & 5nm technology in the impending future.

AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT Graphics Card

The AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT will be applying the full latest Navi 24 XT GPU die. This chip is also internally known as ‘Beige Goby‘ which is the AMD Navi 24 GPU. This AMD GPU is the minimum of the RDNA 2 lineup. You will learn here that the AMD GPU also will feature a single SDMA engine. The chip will feature 2 shader collections for a total of 8 GPS and a supreme of 16 Compute Units. AMD graphics card has 64 stream processors per calculated unit so that conveyances the total core count on the Navi 24 GPU at 1024. This speed is half that of the Navi 23 GPU and this speed also will offer 2048 stream processors in 32 compute units. You will learn that the GPU for the RX 6500 XT will be held at around 2815 MHz boost and 2610 MHz game clock. That’s about 5.7 TFLOPs of FP32 presentation from the chip.

amd radeon rx 6500xt gpu leaked

You must know what are the basic features this GPU holds. Learn that in total to the number of cores, apiece shader array would feature 128 KB of L1 cache, 1 MB of L2 cache and there would also be 16 MB of Infinity Cache that is LLC. Read the latest AMD Navi 24 RDNA which comes with 2 GPUs. This latter will also be included transversely a 64-bit bus line & this GPU will be featured on low-end Radeon RX 6500 or RX 6400 series parts.

The graphics cards will have all the latest features that come along with a bandwidth of 144 GB/s but AMD GPU is coming up with a new advertising name for total bandwidth which also includes Infinity Cache. This infinity cable is rated at 232 GB/s. AMD Navi 24 is expected to get some high clock speeds, even surpassing the 2.8 GHz barrier.


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