battlefield bundle steam offer
battlefield bundle steam offer

Today Battlefield Bundle sale is on Steam. It includes Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield 4. You can get all these 3 games at just ₹643.

EA (Electronic Arts) is launching the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042; right before that, they gave the battlefield fans and gamers an excellent opportunity to get the three Battlefield franchise games at just ₹643. This offer is available on Steam, and you can get it now. If you are not planning to spend ₹643 and want to buy just one game, you can purchase Battlefield ™ V Definitive Edition at just ₹259. I recommend you spend a little more and get the bundle pack.

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source: Steam

Battlefield Bundle details

BATTLEFIELD 4 Premium Edition

In this bundle sale, you are getting BATTLEFIELD 4 Premium Edition, and these features

  1. All 5 expansion packs
  2. Exclusive personalization options
  3. Priority position in server queue
  4. 12 bonus Battlepacks
  5. Price: ₹2,499 ₹299

Note: Currently BATTLEFIELD 4 is unavailable in China and not part of the Bundle in that region. (Source- Steam)

BATTLEFIELD 1 Revolution Edition

In this bundle sale, you are getting  BATTLEFIELD 1 Revolution Edition, and these features

  1. Battlefield 1 base game
  2. Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
  3. All 4 expansion packs
  4. The Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack, and Hellfighter Pack
  5. Price: ₹2,499 ₹299

BATTLEFIELD V Definitive Edition

In this bundle sale, you are getting BATTLEFIELD V Definitive Edition, and these features

  1. All gameplay content (weapons, vehicles, and gadgets) from launch, Year 1, and Year 2
  2. All Elites
  3. 84 immersive outfit variations for the British and German armies to enhance the WWII sandbox
  4. 8 soldier outfits from Year 2
  5. 2 weapon skins from Year 2, applicable to 10 and 4 weapons respectively
  6. 3 vehicle dressings
  7. 33 Chapter Reward items from Year 1
  8. Price: ₹2,599 ₹259

Battlefield ™ V Definitive Edition is ₹259, Battlefield 1 ™ Revolution is ₹ 299, and Battlefield 4™ Premium Edition is ₹299. The total of these games is ₹857, but with a 25% Bundle discount, you save ₹215 (almost one game free) and get all these three games at ₹642.

battlefield bundle steam offer 02
source: Steam

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