nvidias next gen ada lovelace gaming gpu architecture for geforce rtx 40 series confirmed
nvidias next gen ada lovelace gaming gpu architecture for geforce rtx 40 series confirmed

According to NVIDIA, Ada Lovelace will be honored as the identity of the next-generation gaming GPU architecture for the GeForce RTX 40 series.

NVIDIA Confirms Ada Lovelace As The Name For Its Next-Gen Gaming GPU Architecture, Powering The GeForce RTX 40 Series

The verification can be found in a brand-new teaser shared on Twitter by NVIDIA’s Australia and New Zealand accounts. A picture of Numbers of Bernoulli and the phrase The future has a past are displayed in the teaser. Ada Lovelace created the famous algorithm in 1842, which was used for the Analytical Engine.

Even though the Ada Lovelace architecture is well known, it’s still amazing to see NVIDIA drawing inspiration from the scientists who helped shape the computer world we currently inhabit. In the upcoming months, a range of GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards, including the RTX 4090 flagship, will be powered by the Ada Lovelace GPUs.

Recap on NVIDIA ADA GPU architecture

Ada Lovelace can be viewed as the first computer enthusiast in many ways. She was the first to recognize that Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine had uses beyond simple calculation, and she printed what is believed to be the initial technique destined to be conducted by such a machine (becoming the first computer programmer). When Alan Turing completed their work and created the broad sense computers throughout World War II, it had been approximately 50 years.

diagram for the computation of bernoulli numbers image 01
image source: wccftech.com

Ada Lovelace follows in the tradition of other notable physicists, mathematicians, and scientists on whom NVIDIA has based its architectures. Ada Lovelace and possibly all generate leads codenames from NVIDIA can be found among the heroes displayed at the GTC 2018 keynote.

nvidia gtc 2018 heros ada lovelace image 01

Stay tuned for more details as NVIDIA reveals its Ada Lovelace GPU-powered GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards at GTC 22 next week.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace ‘GeForce RTX 40’ GPU Configurations

AD10212 / 62 / 1441843296 MB384-bit800WN/A
AD1037 / 62 / 841075264 MB256-bit450W175W
AD1045 / 62 / 60768048 MB192-bit400W175W
AD1063 / 62 / 36460832 MB128-bit260W140W
AD1073 / 42 / 24307232 MB128-bit180W80W

News Source: wccftech.com


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