intel arc desktop graphics card image 01
intel arc desktop graphics card image 01

Intel has exciting news! They want to bring something called Path Tracing to everyone, no matter what kind of graphics card they have. They will use a special technology called real-time neural rendering to make it happen. So, get ready for awesome graphics on any GPU!

Intel’s Amazing Technology Makes Graphics Look Super Realistic on Cheap GPUs and iGPUs

According to, Intel has been sharing information about something called “real-time neural rendering.” This fancy term is all about making ray tracing, shading, and sampling faster and better. They want to bring this cool technology to their graphics cards so that you can enjoy awesome ray-traced graphics without needing a super powerful gaming computer.

Intel is creating special tools that can make path tracing happen really fast. They can do this while using up to 70% – 90% less space than regular path tracing. This means you can have really detailed and realistic graphics without needing a super powerful computer. Intel talked about this in a session called “Path Tracing a Trillion Triangles.”

“These are important components to make photorealistic rendering with path tracing available on more affordable GPUs, such as Intel Arc GPUs, and a step toward real-time performance on integrated GPUs.”

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Intel showed how their “smart” algorithms, like Neural Rendering, can make Path Tracing work on less expensive and less powerful graphics cards. Right now, if you want to play a game like Cyberpunk 2077 with super realistic graphics, you need a really expensive graphics card. But Intel says their approach can make it work on cheaper cards, like their Arc GPUs and even the ones built into your computer.

Intel also wants to share their special software with other companies and developers so that they can use it too. This means more people can make cool games and graphics using Intel’s technology. Intel has been pretty open with their technology, like XeSS, which works on different companies’ hardware, like AMD and NVIDIA.

NVIDIA, another big company, is also working on their own special technology called Neural Rendering. They have some cool stuff like Neural Compression and Neural Radiance Caching. These technologies will make graphics look even better on their hardware.

Intel is working hard to make their graphics cards just as good as NVIDIA’s. They have this special technology called XMX, which helps make graphics look really awesome using artificial intelligence. It’s similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS, which also makes graphics look better.

Intel’s ray tracing, which is a way of making graphics look super realistic, is even a little better than what NVIDIA offers right now. Intel was also the first company to support something called AV1, which is a fancy technology that helps with video streaming.

Intel is making sure their graphics cards are ready for the future. They lowered the prices of their Arc GPUs, which makes them a great option compared to other new graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA. Intel has some exciting plans for their new Battlemage GPUs and Xe-LPG iGPUs, which will be available later this year. They will use their special neural rendering and real-time path tracing to make graphics even cooler.

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