top 10 best steel type pokemon
top 10 best steel type pokemon

Trying to increase your team with the best Steel-type Pokemon? We have the single most powerful options for you, from timeless Legendaries like Dialga to potent Legendaries like Scizor.

Steel is a kind of Pokemon that makes it feel like it is ruled by super-powerful living things, partly because numerous special dual-types, Legendaries, and Mythicals belong to this category.

Steel-type Pokemon also frequently take advantage of having many types of type resistances. Still, unless your opposing player has the appropriate registers, they will have difficulty eliminating your Pokemon.

After considering various factors, including typing, stats, moveset, quality of lore, and how cool their design is, we’ve tried our best to rank the top 10 Steel-type Pokemon now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available.

List of top 10 best Steel type Pokemon

10. Scizor

scizor pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

Scizor, a Steel-type Pokemon and a transformation of the well-known Scyther that represents one of the most easily recognizable Steel-type Pokemon. With an enormous 130 Attack stat, this vivid red bug excels at physical assaults and can deal a tonne of damage with STAB moves like Iron Head and X-Scissor.

9. Kartana

kartana pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

Kartana has inconsistent figures, although it can be very dangerous if you realize how to utilize it. With a disastrous 181 Attack stat and 109 Speed, this Ultra Beast possesses one of the maximum Attack stats in the game and has an excellent chance of trying to strike first with moves like Sacred Sword and Smart Strike.

Because of its remarkably low 59 HP and 31 Special Defense, it must attack first to survive the fight. Kartana can quickly be a game-changing wallbreaker if you are conscious of its condition as a glass cannon and choose the right moment to unlock it.

8. Lucario

lucario pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

We had to include Lucario on our list even though it might perform better as a Fighting-type Pokemon because it is one of the most adored Pokemon of all time. Additionally, because it has a part-Steel typing, it is immune to poison and loses all of the typical Fighting-type weaknesses (Fairy, Flying, and Psychic).

This is very helpful because Lucario’s Defense and Special Defense, both of which are at 70, aren’t the best. With Steel-type moves like Meteor Mash and Flash Cannon, this could luckily deal significant STAB damage thanks to its 110 Attack and 115 Special Attack.

7. Aegislash

aegislash pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

Aegislash ranks as one of the best Steel-type Pokemon of all time despite having fairly low base value stats (500 as opposed to Dialga’s 680) due to its ability to switch between Blade and Shield in the middle of a battle and concentrate from either Attack or Defense.

This makes it a challenging Pokemon to anticipate when you’re fighting it. Even if your opposing player does figure it out, Aegislash has nine resistances and three immunities thanks to its dual Steel/Ghost typing. It is extremely challenging to defeat due to its massive 140 Defense and Special Defense in Shield form.

6. Genesect

genesect pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

Genesect is the first Mythical on our ranking of the top Steel-type Pokemon. It has no major downsides due to its extremely well-balanced stats, except a fairly low HP of 71. It can succeed at either physical injury or special damage thanks to its 120 Attack and 120 Special Attack stats.

Genesect’s magnificent iconic move, Techno Blast, can be typed as Electric, Fire, Ice, or Water based on the Drive it carries, making it one of its best abilities. This gives Genesect a few fantastic (and potent) coverage options with 120 power and 100% precision.

5. Magearna

magearna pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

Magearna is another Mythical that makes it onto our list. This Fairy/Steel type from the Alola region, also defined as the Artificial Pokemon, has a tonne of category resistances and is resistant to both Poison and Dragon-type attacks, providing a significant advantage.

It becomes an extremely difficult Pokemon to defeat when you consider that it has stats of 115 Defense and 115 Special Defense. It can be extremely damaging on the battlefield with various coverage moves like Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Focus Blast thanks to the stat-boosting Soul-Heart ability, which also gives it a massive 130 Special Attack.

4. Metagross

metagross pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

Due to its imposing appearance and enormous power, the pseudo-Legendary Metagross is considered by several trainers to be the ideal Steel-type Pokemon. It supports its intimidating 135 Attack stat with moves like Meteor Mash and Zen Headbutt and boasts a remarkable 10 resistances.

Not even to notice its Mega Evolution, which adds 100 stats for it to use. This improves every state except HP while addressing its biggest flaw, slow Speed, by raising it from 70 to 110. With the help of the Tough skill Claws, contact move damage also receives a nice boost.

3. Solgaleo

solgaleo pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

Despite not being the most recognizable Steel-type Pokemon, Solgaleo has made a name for itself thanks to a massive 680 base value stats that are superbly distributed: 137 HP and 107 Defense for high bulk combined with 137 Attack and 113 Special Attack for some potent potential hard-hitting.

The ability Full Metal Body, which prevents stat reduction from other Pokemon’s moves and abilities, also contributes to these stats being virtually impenetrable. Like Metagross, Solgaleo has a staggering amount of type resistances thanks to his excellent Psychic/Steel typing. Because of everything, taking it down is a nightmare.

2. Zacian (Crowned Sword)

zacian pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

When given a special item to hold, Zamazenta and Zacian can evolve into top-tier Steel-types. Still, since we want our list to be as diverse as possible, we’ve only selected one attack-oriented Zacian!

The Pokemon Sword box art Legendary has enormous 670 base stats, including an amazing 138 Speed that nearly always allows it to fight first, a potent 130 Attack, and a reliable 115 Defense. But when given a Rusted Sword to hold, it truly shines and transforms into the Fairy/Steel-type Crowned Sword Zacian.

It has the same absurd 720 base stats as the Mythical Arceus in this form, along with a disastrous 170 Strike stat that receives an additional boost during battle thanks to the skill Intrepid Sword. Zacian is practically unstoppable thanks to his close battle and monstrosity blade maneuvers.

1. Dialga

dialga pokemon image 01
Image source: Wallpaper Cave

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Dialga is at the top of our list of the best Steel-type Pokémon since it was ranked number two on our best Dragon-type list. From Pokemon Go to Legends, Arceus, the fan-favorite Legendary from the Sinnoh region, has consistently shown itself to be a victor in various games.

It stands out among all the strong Dragon types because it is a dual Steel/Dragon type, negating the two major weaknesses. Dragons typically have Fairies and other Dragons. Additionally, it has one of the best Legendary designs, which might have persuaded us a little.

With impressive stats of 150 Special Attack, 120 Attack, and 120 Defense, Dialga stands out because it can deal out a tonne of damage with moves like Roar of Time and Iron Tail while also being able to withstand blows from foes.

It is safe to say that Dialga is the greatest Steel-type Pokemon of all time, even though there is a lot of competition.

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