iphone se 2022 5g
iphone se 2022 5g

Apple’s “Peek Performance” event – it’s the first of 2022 — will take place on Tuesday, March 8. It’s during that event we expect the company will announce a refurbished iPhone SE, an upgraded iPad Air, and potentially a new Mac or two. 

We have a pretty good idea of what to expect with the iPhone SE, thanks to reports from forecaster Ming-Chi Kuo, who is nowadays on Twitter, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. When it comes to providing information about Apple’s upcoming events Both Kuo and Gurman have impressive track records. 

Here’s what the rumor mill – including Kuo’s first tweet and Gurman’s reporting – over the last couple of months, are presently saying about the upcoming iPhone SE. 

Apple isn’t one for creating big-name changes to products unless it’s needed, so it makes sense that apple, will call the third-generation budget iPhone the same name it’s called the previous two: iPhone SE. 

By adding the model year to the end of the name, the 2nd Gen iPhone SE was differentiated, subsequent in “iPhone SE (2020).” So, if you want to be technical about it, the new iPhone SE could end up showing up online as iPhone SE (2022).”

Another option is that Apple could yank a Samsung and add 5G to the end of the name, especially if the business plans on keeping the 2nd Gen iPhone SE in its lineup at a lower cost, changing the name to iPhone SE 5G.

What is the price of new iPhone SE 5G (2022)?

  • Our best guess is $399
  • The 2020 iPhone SE may will be around for $199

Apple has conventionally sold the base model iPhone SE for $399 with 64GB of storage, and we don’t see a reason for that to change. But here’s where this then boring piece about the price gets stimulating this year — Bloomberg is reporting that Apple intends to keep the iPhone SE (2020) model in its lineup with a reduced price of $199. 

At a lower cost, the iPhone SE (2020) will contend in emerging markets like India, where low-end Android devices are the most selling phones due to cost. 

How will the new iPhone SE 5G (2022) look like?

  • The home button lives on
  • Red, black and white colors
  • Truly, there isn’t much of a change

Both Kuo and Gurman are journalism the new iPhone SE will look very comparable to the current iPhone SE. That means the Touch ID on the home button will remain. Kuo also notes that the iPhone SE will originate in white, black, and red colors. 

With the rumored adding of support for mmWave 5G to the iPhone SE. Like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, we can assume that the new iPhone SE will also have a minor antenna on the side of the phone. Unless Apple does somewhat theatrical with the camera array, the antenna may end up being the only definite design change. 

What’s new about iPhone SE 5G (2022)?

  • Faster processor
  • 5G support
  • 256GB storage option

The only promotions that are rumored for the new iPhone SE 5g 2022 include Apple using its A15 processor and adding 5G, both mmWave and Sub-6, cellular connectivity. Kuo also claims the new iPhone SE will have a 256GB storing option, doubling the max storage capacity of the current model. 

The trio of upgrades makes intelligence. The iPhone SE (2020) uses Apple’s A13 processor and deficiencies 5G connectivity. By transporting the processor current and adding 5G, Apple leftovers are competitive in the mid-range section of the market. 

We’ll have the full attention of the Apple Peek Performance event on Tuesday so make sure to check back once the event wraps. 


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