corsair ram ddr5 dominator
Corsair's new DDR5 RAM comes at 6.4GHz clock speed out of the box

The new Era of RAM is upon us with DDR5, but the situation is like most other PC components. You are lucky if you get your hands on any. It’s so much problem that eBay scalpers are selling these modules at a very high price, and those who bought DDR5 compatible motherboards are paying for these RAMs.

DDR5 is the new hotness, and gamers want it. Back in the era of DDR4, overclockers worked hard to get the sweet spot of high clock speed. G.Skill managed a whopping 6GHz using an 8GB Trident Z Royal module in 2019. Micron then took the 1st spot by a few extra Hz high speed, with an 8GB Crucial Ballistix Elite 4000 memory module.

And now is the era of DDR5, and we are seeing some crazy clock speeds. Like before, G.Skill is the first that already pushed DDR5 to 7GHz. With the help of liquid nitrogen, people can push DDR5 even more at, higher speed.

Corsair has entered the battlefield with their new high-speed DDR5 Dominator Platinum RGB kits, clocking in at 6.4GHz and 6.2GHz. Both come in sets of 2x 16GB sticks, and for most people (gamers), 6.2Ghz is more than enough.

According to Corsair, the company’s 32 GB Vengeance DDR5 RAM was used to push to the limit by overclocker mllrkllr88. They achieved 8,149 MHz using liquid nitrogen and paired with an Intel Core i9 Alder Lake processor. The score comes in as the 7th highest speed worldwide on HWBOT.

I hope we get to see higher clock speeds of DDR5.


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