nvidia rtx 4080 latest specifications release date and pirce rumors
nvidia rtx 4080 latest specifications release date and pirce rumors

It does not feel like the present RTX 3080 has been around for that long, but in the year 2022, the RTX 3080 has completed two years. Maybe it is due to the lack of stock, but now we are focusing our eyes on the Nvidia RTX 4080.

Today we are here with the latest rumors on the RTX 4080 specifications, the date of its launch, and its price. With what we are expecting within this latest best graphics card.

We expect the 4080 to be as famous as the 3080 and will secure a place at the top of the more-cheapest selection. However, if the 4090 is something like the 3090, it would doubtlessly be costly for what it offers to the typical users.

Nvidia RTX 4080 specification rumors

For the latest RTX 4080 configurations, we have to move to the rumors that will be discussed. With a few users that propose equally exact and up-to-date information.

Even though this might be the very thing that the most recent news is, it can, in any case, change. Nvidia is known for keeping things below or keeping people guessing.

The final parts are now unknown until the announcement, especially since users are worried about its price. But we assure you that we will inform you of all the updates about RTX 4080 related to its price and release date.

Nvidia card leaks and rumors are primarily accessible by user kopite7kimi on Twitter. Within advised, they have the insider information or networks to latest occurrences of the company.

The recent proposal for the RTX 3080 configurations is from 4th July. With an offering of the CUDA cores, VRAM type, speed, and bus, as well as the TDP for the AD103-300-A1 GPU.

So, for the 4080, Kopite suggests 10,240 CUDA cores, an increase of 1,536 over the 3080. For the memory solution, the latest spec is 16 GB of GDDR6X across a 256-bit bus clocked at 21 Gbps, which would give 6 GB more over the earlier, but with a lower bus and yet clocked faster. 

As the 3080 had a 320-bit bus clocked at 19 Gbps. It would diminish the transmission capacity; however, Nvidia might save expenses with a more modest transport and not wholly accept that it will be bottlenecked.

Finally, there is a number for the TDP of the card, which is a screaming 420 W. An increase of 100 W over the 3080.

This would also put the card in the spec range of the 3090Ti with a TDP of 450W, which does require 3-4 slot cooling solutions. So, we might see something very similar from the 4080.

From earlier description rumors, we have an idea that the 4080 will be based on a TSMC 5nm process. Moving on back from earlier using Samsung 8nm fab. Succeeding from the 3090 Ti as well, the card will most be expected to feature a 16-pin power connector, which would give it up to 650 W of power with data positions or 450 W without, as you might require a connector without overhauling your power supply.

This configuration indicates that we are going far away from the three cabled connectors we have in current cards. Again, helping to enhance the esthetics of your build.

The 40 series is also expected to stay to use the same card bus interface, PCIe 4.0 x16, while AMD Radeon RDNA 3 may upgrade to the 5th gen.

RTX 4080RTX 3080RX 6800 XT
GPUAD103-300GA102-200/220Navi 21 XT
GPU process5nm TSMC8nm Samsung7nm TSMC
Memory16 GB GDDR6X10/12 GB GDDR6X16 GB GDDR6
Memory clock21 Gbps19 Gbps16 Gbps
Memory bus256-bit320/384-bit256-bit
TDP420 W320/350 W300 W

Nvidia RTX 4080 release date rumors

Suppose you are curious about when the new Ada cards are to launch. The initial rumors about the launch date of the RTX 40 series have been announced for early Q3, even most probably in July.

But things have changed. With the crypto crash and GPU demand dropping beside it, there is plenty of stock of 30 series cards, with what might seem like expect the finish of the shortage.

As miners sell off their produces, Nvidia has an overstock of current cards. And so much so that it wants to cut its order of next-gen chips from TSMC.

This might show it figures it will have an excessive number of cards lowering users’ interest. And along with any problems or issues has delayed the releases.

With Video Cards reporting that the RTX 4080 launch date has been delayed from September to October 2022.

However, Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube advises that Nvidia has to release the cards at least in 2022. With intense competition from AMDs selection, the card makers don’t want to lose share in the market.

There are no final dates, and the quick conversion in the graphic card market can additionally change the circumstances. However, the plan is to sell off 30 series stock; Nvidia has not officially changed the base price of the GPUs.

Nvidia RTX 4080 price: How expensive will be the RTX 4080?

The cost is a lot of the last thing to get modified with changes possible until the release. In this way, there are typically not very many releases or bits of gossip on the point.

However, we can think back to what Nvidia has estimated its cards at previously. Specifically past XX80 models from the previous generation.

There we have the RTX 3080 MSRP at $699/£649 and the RTX 2080 at a similar price of $699/£649. The GTX 1080 was lower at $599/£529 and the GTX 980 was $549/£444.

From the previous cost analysis, we can expect that the cost of the card should be at least as per the current cost of 3080. But there is a chance the price will rise, as we have seen before, somewhere in the $100-150.

Therefore, we can guess the RTX 4080 will price in the range of $699-850/£649-800. If complex, it can put the price range quite high into the top end of what we have seen previously.

Will there be an RTX 4080?

There is strongly advised that there will be an RTX 4080 graphics card. With a numerous gossip on the RTX 40 Ada lineup, Nvidia will like to continue its naming trend with this new series graphic card.

Only one part of the evidence not based on gossip is HWinfo’s future changes tab; that list shows that it will be adding support to the Nvidia AD103 GPU. This is what the 4080 is predictable to be based upon, along with the rest of the Ada Lovelace architecture cards.

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News Source: wepc.com

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